Essay on challenges of infrastructure development in india

In fact, two-thirds of students in the government public schools in India cannot even read a simple story. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. How to Retain Employees. Most people are engaged in agriculture due to want of alternative occupation.

It may be said that the vast resources like land, water, power and natural resources should be fully and at the same time properly utilized for the economic, benefit of the people at large. Thanks to the advances in medical science and other public health measures, the death rate has been greatly reduced.

References[ edit ] Sources: To facilitate people with high speed internet. People in these situations only become homeless if they are excluded from housing, or do not have enough resources to secure alternative housing. Effective communication of pain areas to higher management and providing a real-time solution for employees is also important.

High inflation is usually bad for an economy. To ensure the broadband highways. Without going in depth in the history of the world industrial development, it should be noticed here that when the western world was developing, India was fighting against the slavery and when it got freedom, the long colonization rule had left a week, poor and divided India with all its wealth and resource looted during the colonization rule.


In terms of nominal GDP, India is ranked seventh in the world. Indeed, communities and individuals are defined and shaped by both the immediate and persistent effects of infrastructure in any number of overt and subtle ways.

Distributing the ownership of material resources of the community for common good.

Essay on Road Transport System of India

Second, in the absence of sufficient income from other sources, some households are inclined to rent out a portion of their living space or sheds to tenants. While implementing the right tool for productivity enhancement, it is important for HRs to incorporate three below listed elements within the organization.

She plans to commit herself to humanitarian work. A strategically formed talent management technique helps recruiters retain exceptional employees. Another recommendation of the report was a strengthening of national highways. The problem of disguised unemployment can be tackled by creating better opportunities of employment.

The Union Government has underlined the requirements of the construction industry. But this scheme did not succeed much because of the lack of cooperation of mill owners.

Even the private industrial sectors are growing sick due to deficient management, under-utilization of existing resources due to unavailability of raw materials, diseconomies of scale of production, etc. For example, about 44 per cent of families in the urban areas live in one room only.

Challenges and Opportunities of development in India

Therefore, they depend on the rented accommodation, which they often share with many others to save money. The private sector, as the other partner, would be encouraged to take up the land for housing construction and invest in infrastructure facilities.

Despite these incentives, it is also a potential free-rider problem since it is possible for users to access some of these social capital goods without the necessity of making fair payment.


Providing adequate means of livelihood. Economic development in India has broadly two faces Quantitative and structural. Asian Development Bank Institute The Working Paper series is a continuation of the formerly named Discussion Paper series; the numbering of the papers continued without interruption or change.

Abstract. India got its independence carrying a legacy of around 90 percent of its people living in rural areas, with around 15 percent of the people literate, more than 80 percent population dependent on traditional farming with massive poverty, poor infrastructure, unbalance regional development.

Agriculture and Food Development Economics Education Employment Energy Environment Finance and Investment Governance Industry and OECD Economics Department Working Papers; Challenges and Opportunities of India's Manufacturing Sector education, manufacturing, labour regulation, land acquisition, India, informality, infrastructure, trade.

Public-private partnerships (PPP) in infrastructure development involve private sector participation in any or all of the design, construction, financing and operation phases of a public utility infrastructure.

Development of a country is a choice loaded on its people, whether urban or rural.

Construction industry of India

It is individuals who shape up a society and decide its progress and performance. infrastructure development funding, has been increasing, although South Asia fairs poorly in comparison to neighbouring South-East Asia and East Asia, especially the .

Essay on challenges of infrastructure development in india
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Challenges and Opportunities of development in India